1. I noticed on some of my locks that they look kind of dirty. How do you clean the hardware on LV? Is there any special cleaner you use?
  2. I have been using one of the silver cloths..but a clean one. Not one with silver tarnish residue. That really makes my locks and hardware sparkle.
  3. Where did you get it? I've never heard of this product? Is it by other cleaning products?
  4. I hear Brass-O works!
  5. I have to go hunting for these products. hehe
  6. You can buy the silver cloth at any jewelry store that sells silver jewelry. The cloth cost about $10 to $15 I believe.
  7. Thanks Irissy, that's good to know so I'll clean some of my locks today.
  8. Its just one of those cloths....they do not have any silver polish stuff or anything on it. Its just a silver buffing cloth I guess. YOu can get them at your jewelry store....or walmart??
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