1. question, can you send your bag off to have the hardware polished and the light normal wear scratches...will they come off?

    my bag has alot of little light wear scratches. nothing too deep.

    does it make a difference if its gold or pallidum?
  2. GG-- great questions, I've been wondering about the same thing!! Anyone... anyone...??
  3. anyone?
  4. If you can get hold of a Jewellers polishing cloth, this will do the trick. It also takes off tarnish. You should be able to buy one a jewellry store. It is made up of 2 cloths. Red one for the first rub that will take out the scratches and a second that will finish the polish. It is also called a rouge cloth.
  5. ^^Yup, that's what the craftsperson did to remove the tarnishing off my RH.
  6. cool. did they help with the scratches?
  7. GG, I think that's what they use to polish off fine scratches although my bag was new so the only issue I had was removing the tarnishing--it took her about one minute and I had the bag back. I've purchased some rouge cloths but have yet to try them out.
  8. thanks for that.

    I looked up rouge cloth and it said not to be used for plated items because it can rub the finish off. Hermes hardware is plated right?
  9. Just the gold is plated I think...the palladium and ruthenium are pure metal I believe.
  10. Does Hermes replate the hardware during spa visits? Is it a big ordeal or something easy? I have a nice vintage bag that has gold hardware but I bought a newer shoulder strap with a deeper shade of gold and its two different tones of gold so I'd like to replate the gold on the bag.
  11. One other option. Get new hardware. The cloth won't completely get rid of the scratches. If you are looking for that "New" look ask your craftmen to change the hardware for you.
  12. They don't replate the hardware during spa visits UNLESS you ask for it.
  13. how much does it cost to change?

    I have gold hardware so I assume...using the rouge clothes are not a good idea.

    my stuff is light and it just happens because of the hooks.

    I just was trying to see what the spa was capable of
  14. the hardware is all plated-brass underneath.
  15. Replacement of hardware can cost a few hundred to over a thousand dollars depending on the bag you have and how much hardware you want replaced. They will tell you if it's not worth it.