Hardware Talk

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  1. I match my jewllwery that I wear but I don't match it with my bag's hardware but I agree, permabrass can go with any type of jewllwery. Hope you get a bag in permabrass soon.
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  2. Thank you!
    Do you know if right now they are only available on SO K’s & B’s?
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  3. Oooooh lovely. Thanks for answering. Unfortunately, I already have BN and Etain. But black is still on my list.
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  4. Thanks xiangxiang0731,i have chosen permabrass hardware for my first SO bag.
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  5. Absolutely! I selected permabrass for my K SO
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  6. I would say yes.... but because it is brushed the scratches are not so obtrusive to me.
    (Pic below is of Capucine...for some reason shows up pink on iPad camera)
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  7. Why choose brushed hardware over regular hardware and what are the pluses and minuses?
  8. Brushed gold and brushed palladium are available only for special orders so it makes it more special (for some) than regular hardwares... for me I chose brushed gold hardware for my SOs because it gave me a chance to diversify hardwares on my bags... however it’s a very personal choice... there are no downsides to the choices you make in my opinion... choose what appeals to you.
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  9. Trying the Hermes thing again or still disgusted? https://forum.purseblog.com/threads/disgusted.1001300/