Hardware Talk

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  1. Thanks dear.So i presume scratches can be seen more clearly on brushed hardware?
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  2. I don’t have any deep scratches on my brushed hardware, so I don’t think I can comment on that. I have a few deeper scratches on shiny hardware, and those show up more. I think you should get which ever kind of hardware you really want and then just be careful, but realize that some scratches are inevitable.
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  3. BDDDE599-49E4-4D1C-9D72-62DB0314FCBE.jpeg This shows a little scratching on brushed palladium, also the end of the turn lock has chipped showing gold (brass) underneath. My gold hardwear on my B feet scratched to show silver underneath so I’m not sure what the hardware tends to be made of beneath the plating.
  4. Westcoastgal and Tonimichille, thanks for sharing!
    I want to choose a hardware that is more lasting. Seems like brushed hardware need to take care too
  5. You have got it. If you are aware that any pieces of metal hardware can scratch, you are likely to be just that little bit more careful and avoid it happening. It is surprising how these little scratches do appear because you would think the metal would have to come in contact with something hard - certainly harder than a fingernail.
    Remember DocRide's advice that a bag needs to be looked at from a metre away - then the small imperfections are not noticeable.
  6. I have gold, vintage & new, palladium and the really vintage perma brass, I can see no scratches...
  7. I know that scatches are bound to happen.As im thinking of what hardware should I choose for my 1st SO bag,its better i ask the expert here for advice. I wonder scratches can be seen more clearly on brushed hardware or the shiny hardware.
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  8. Ladies,for those who chose Permabrass hardware for your SO,does this hardware oxidized after some years?
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  9. No
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  10. I’m so happy to hear this. I’d love to do a SO with Permabrass. I wonder why it doesn’t seem to be as popular as gold or paladium on SOs...
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  11. I am really into permabrass HW these days. Even more so than RG HW! It's really beautiful with some colours.
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  12. Permabrass has been around for a while. I have a scarf ring from a few years back with no discoloration. My bags with permabrass are a lot newer so far so good. Only time will tell. HTH!
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  13. So is RGHW officially available on non-SO Birkins? One of my Parisian SAs told me two years ago it was coming and I've noticed some Bs with it. Does anyone know which colors/leathers have it?
  14. Thanks a lot, xiangxiang0731!
    I always mix jewelry in all 3 golds, so I think having a faw Permabrass bags would be the perfect metal to go with everything no matter what you’re wearing (especially when it comes to shoes, belts, etc. Not that I wear things matchy matchy, but sometimes some things just clash).
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  15. Yes, it is available on some PO Birkins starting FW18. It started with the Birkin Touch range. That aside, mostly neutral colors by far. I've seen pics of Birkin with rghw in black, Gris Tourterelle, Bleu Nuit, and Etain in Togo.
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