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  1. Can we spend a little time on hardware and create a thread for future reference?

    I would love to have some pics showing the different types. (palladium vs. brushed paladium...ruthenium...gold vs. brushed gold...guilloche etc.) I would also like the owners to state any pros or cons that they feel about the different hardware types etc.

    Anything and everything is welcome in this thread.
  2. Palladium hardware:

    pros-versatile hardware, looks great when combined with most leather colors
    cons-may not be desirable to those who like or where mostly gold

  3. Thanks kellybag:smile: I would like to know too...esp guilloche.
  4. Here is a photo of Guilloche hardware on a Kelly double tour bracelet I have; photo is from the seller. I recently placed an order for this hardware but it didn't go through, and in speaking with someone in Paris, it is no longer being done on handbags, although I did see it on belt buckles.


    The detail is beautiful on the hardware, however, it has a pretty matte effect due to the guilloche.

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  5. Thanks Orchids:smile: for sharing the pic and infos.
  6. I've also seen guilloche on gold hardware and it was on a belt :yes:
  7. Thank you for this thread Kellybag!
  8. Ruthenium HW (sorry, still has the plastic on it) but you can see the color.

    Pros: It's quite lovely and has a darker tint than palladium. Looks wonderful on many pieces but especially, IMO, dark pieces because the hardware is almost "hidden". Was very rare a few years ago but gaining popularity and presence.

    Cons: Might look a bit too dark with some colors/leathers.

  9. Although I don't own any of it - I love brushed gold and brushed palladium. I really want a pair of brown H loafers with brushed gold buckes. :girlsigh:
  10. Thank you for the input thus far everyone!

    Does anyone own anything in brushed palladium or gold. Any info to share?
  11. Here's brushed gold on my leather bracelet. The bracelt can be worn three ways, all black, all orange and black/orange.

    Unfortunately, it has gone to Paris to have a piece of the hardware changed as it has a 'tarnished' effect along one edge, on the other side, not shown in this photograph. Don't know what caused it or if brushed gold is susceptible to tarnishing.


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  12. Brushed Palladium on my Graphite Kelly

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  13. Bababebi,
    Is it possible to get some close up shots of your brushed palladium hardware?

    I would love to see it. Can you also share any of your feelings/input on it as well?

    Thank you.
  14. Oooo! Love that brushed Palladium!
  15. The brushed palaadium is stunning! It's like it's airbrushed! Bababebi, was that a special order?