hardware service at LV

  1. Hi, whats this service were they brighten up your LV's hardware ??, what is the actual process and how much and how long does it take ?

    Thanks in advance :tup:
  2. I recently brought in my cles which I've had for 15 years. They replaced all the hardware on it and it looks brand new!

    edit: They did it in one day. Depends on how busy they are, but I'd allow a week.
  3. cool, I did not know LV did this. do they do this on all their hardware?
  4. How much was it on ur cles?
  5. Oh I'd like to know too
  6. wow that sounds great, do you mind me asking how much it cost ??. Thanks
  7. I was told that the brass ends (corners on the cless) would be $40 each (Canadian)