Hardware Scare

  1. ok, so im favoring chanel now over lv and slowly building my collection. i was horrified though to notice the other day that my 2 yr old cambon pochette's hardware is tarnished on the rings where the handles are placed. i have probably just used this bag for 3 months total since i bought it and it mostly sat in its box the rest of the time. im very dismayed and discouraged now to buy anymore. to think i just recently purchased a jumbo flap with more s/h, this is not something i would want to see it look like a couple of years later. is this very common on chanel's hardware? how do you ladies maintain yours?:crybaby:
  2. I think it happens with most hardware, not just Chanel. I have had metal chains tarnish just by storing them. I now rotate all of my bags and carry them at least once a month and I don't have any problems. You can use Sunshine polishing cloth to get the shine back if its not too bad.