Hardware Replacement

  1. When i went to get one of my Cadena keys fixed, i spoke about "what if i scratch my hardware- how should i avoid doing that?" to which i was told that the hardware on my Birkin can be replaced. This was an amazing relief! (doesn't mean i wont try being extremely careful to be good to my bag anyway)

    so...my question and hopefully someone (HERMESGROUPIE??:graucho:) might know the answer to this---
    dare i dream that Hermes would replace the hardware with A DIFFERENT COLOUR??:wtf::nuts::crybaby:

    pleeease tell me this is possible....please tell me that gold hardware can be replaced with palladium!
  2. Yes, it is possible. I happened to have the same conversation with my SA a couple of days ago. She was telling me that customers who own their Birkins for a long time, sometimes do want a brand new set of hardware to give their bags a renewed look. Palladium - Gold - Ruthenium (ruthenium has been discontinued)

    The most effort goes to the replacement of the turnlock. The craftsman will have to remove the stitching on the front panel where the turnlock is, replace the turnlock and stitch the front panel back again. I think because the thread is new, there will somehow be some visual difference with the rest of the 'old' stitches on the bag. And there will bound to be some variance in the way the old and new stitching look, given that it is not the same craftsman.
  3. so i can take in a bag with gold hardware and have it all replaced to palladium??
    do you have any idea of the cost?
  4. Yes, that was what my SA said. So long as the craftsman has the spares in stock. She mentioned a couple of hundred dollars, Croissant.

  5. ohhhh how fabulous!!! ohhh how happy you've made me :smile:
    thank you! :flowers::flowers:
  6. This is an interesting question; I've always heard that it can't be changed from one color to another....But I hope it can.....
  7. I remember it was discussed a while ago. You can't change to a different HW. You can replace gold HW with gold, not with palladium...
  8. i just called Hermes in nyc. they dont do that. :sad:
  9. I didn't think they would do that as the feet must be changed out also and imagine the trouble to do that. You are basically paying the craftsman to undo the bag and redo it. I guess if they did it it would cost so much its better to just get a new bag and then you have TWO!!!!!

    Ruthenium discontinued????? Is there any more info on that?
  10. From a business standpoint I can understand why they wouldn't do it; they'd much rather you buy another bag! As if I needed someone to twist my arm...:biggrin:
  11. I have the feeling it would cost more than 200 and they would have to send the bag back to the craftsman etc. You probably would forget what it looks like by the time you get it back.
  12. I had a thought for those of you with light scratches. If you use a jewelers "rouge cloth" and rub the hardware, light scratches will come out. I did this for my husband on a gold belt buckle. Now he thinks I am a genius:graucho:
    I also always wondered if the plating was deep enough for a jeweler to polish scratches out. Any thoughts?
  13. It's expensive (I think around $500) but it can be changed within the same color. They will change HW color on a Trim (Claude said yup, except for the inner zipper pull) but never on a Birkin or Kelly.
  14. Hi Croissant

    Yes you can change the hardware on your Birkin or Kelly, but ONLY to the same hardware as before.

    Hermes will not change gold to palladium and vice versa - not only would they have to change the closure straps, but you have the lock plate, feet, zip, bars at the front, padlock, not to mention the Hermes stamp being in the wrong colour - in other words, they would have to completely take the bag apart in order to change everything and they won't do that.

    Recent costs are approx
    • Hardware = 85 euros
    • Lock plate (or clasp as it is called by Hermes) = 95-100 Euros
    Hope this helps

  15. gazoo, now I am even afraid to confirm or clarify because it looks like my SAs are not getting all their facts right all the time, or that I am such a dumbo I am mixing up what I hear :sad: :confused1: .

    I just have to call the supervisor or store manager, and speak with both of them only, and not the others.