Hardware Replacement?

  1. Does anyone know if the hardware on Minkoff bags can be replaced? I don't like the dog leash style (much prefer the monogram clips), and was wondering if anyone has any experience with returning the bag to the company and paying for them to be replaced. The hardware isn't defective, I just don't like it as much and am willing to pay to have it changed.
  2. Hi there, and welcome!! :smile:

    I have heard of people wanting to change their original HW for signature HW in the past, but am not sure if it has ever actually been done by RM. This may be tough to have done, as it is my understanding that the signature HW (the kind that you want) is becoming more scarce. The best thing for you to do is to contact one of RM's representatives and ask them about it:

    Codi: codi@rebeccaminkoff.com

    Catalina: catalina@rebeccaminkoff.com

    Good luck! And please report back to us if you are successful. ;)

    PS: I went to U of M myself. Go BLUE!!!
  3. I have heard that they don't generally do hardware unless there is damage.
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    *GASP* I didn't know you could do that ^^

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  5. I requested this at one point and was told it can't be done. (I had asked if my Signature hardware could be changed into mixed hardware). They said that they don't do this.
  6. I have also been told it can't be done either.
  7. Hmmm...I really don't see why this could not be done for a charge? They put it on, why can't they take it off and change it? This would be a really great option for those of us who like/dislike certain hardware!
  8. I think that the gold mixed HW and the siggy light gold are not the same shade and it would be difficult to replace all the HW on the entire bag (lining would need to be removed and re-sewn...). Also, for some many studs/screws, holes need to be punched through the leather – if the HW you're changing to is a smaller sized stud/screw, it won't work.
  9. Hm I didn't even consider that the leather itself would have to be changed. Luckily I got my HG, with the right hardware, so I'm not worried anymore :smile:
  10. I've asked and it can't be done unless the hardware has been damaged. I wanted to change the hardware on my bag to silver.
  11. A total Hardware change cannot be done. The new mixed gold HW does NOT match the sig HW, and therefore all of the hardware on the bag would have to be changed. I asked Codi if they could change the HW on my Nikki from new mixed gold to silver, and she said no; it would literally be like taking the entire bag apart and then putting it back together.
    (Look at how the strap of the Nikki is sewn around the HW piece, and then the sides straps have a little piece of leather sewn over the side strap, which would have to be taken apart, etc. NOT an easy task)
  12. I'm sure they **could** but they probably don't want to deal with it KWIM? Probably not worth it for them.
  13. I have a friend that makes dog collars and leashes using latigo leather (horse tack grade); non-chicago screw style connecting studs like those used on RM bags can be removed using an electric hand drill and lots of very rough manipulation. The studs are smooth on both sides so you have to force a divet across the head of one stud and then use a flathead screw driver attachment on a hand drill and force the stud to unscrew without being able to hold the backing screw in place. Latigo leather can hold up to that but if you could see how my friend has to "remove" a connecting stud, you would never want your handbag anywhere near that process.
  14. It's definitely not worth it for them to do it just because someone doesn't like the hardware. Hardware itself isn't a dealbreaker for me ,but lining CAN be! At least the lining can be changed if you pay for it.
  15. ^I am the opposite...hardware is my dealbreaker, but the lining not so much. I can't do siggy HW or the blue/cream bengaline lining. That said, I would be willing to overlook the blue/cream bengaline if it were inside something like, a say, tomato Beloved!! :nuts: