Hardware replacement?

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  1. I just discovered that my Venetia has lost one of her metal feet! Is this something that a cobbler could replace or is it a specialized MJ hardware thing? I bought the bag secondhand so I can't take it to the store where it was purchased and there isn't an MJ boutique where I live. Wah.
  2. I'm sorry to read about your Venetia! I think you should call an MJ store to inquire if you can send it off to be replaced. I'm guessing a show cobbler might be able to put something on it, but it probably won't be the same.

    Good luck!
  3. I'm pretty sure that Moda Express in New Jersey can repair your Venetia. I've read that they have helped other tPF members with bag problems. I'm so sorry that the foot came off. That really shouldn't have happened on such a nice bag!
  4. Try contacting MJ off their website for the repair, they may repair it for you for free through Moda Express. Otherwise, contact ME directly; they may charge a small fee but I hear they do an amazing job! Good luck!
  5. I had some of the studs that hold the strap come out, and I called the MJ boutique. They gave me the info for Moda Express, and I got a work order and number to put in my bag. I only had to pay to ship it there. That's the beauty of nice bags -- free repairs!:yahoo:I think MJ has a good repair policy (at least what I've dealt with so far). Good luck!
  6. Thanks everyone!
  7. Let us know how it turns out!
  8. Just my 2 cents for MJ repair/Moda Express(I copied my post from another thread about Moda Express):

    "I sent away my black MP because 2 threads came undone. I also asked for them to replace a grommet on the strap of my Stella (but was not counting on it since it was last minute).

    I got the bag back yesterday. One thread was repaired. The other was not touched. The grommet was put on but it is BACKWARDS.

    I emailed the MJ rep I have been dealing with and she said that since my bag was from 2004, they shouldn't have done ANY repairs and they did what they could as a courtesy.

    I said that I am thankful for what they did - the unrepaired thread is not a big deal. But the grommet is on backwards now...something they did incorrectly and I would love if they could just put it on the RIGHT WAY.

    She emailed me back with a name/address/phone # of a repair place in NYC.

    I'm sort of frustrated that they repaired the strap wrong, but at the same time I understand I'm lucky to have had any repairs done for free.

    So - just FYI - this is WORD FOR WORD....
    "Our factories cannot repair items beyond a year and a half."

    Just wanted to share. I know others have had great experiences!