Hardware Replacement?

  1. I recently purchased a beautiful Topaz Quilted Elise from Nordstrom, but when I received it the push lock was pitted and badly scratched. :sad: The rest of the bag appears to be in great condition, which is why I would really like to keep it. Does anyone know if the push locks can be replaced on MJ bags? TIA!
  2. oh no Melly! I hope you can get it fixed.. otherwise call the SA that serviced you and ask for a discount. This happened to me once and they were accomodating(had to speak to manager of Saks handbag dept). If you got it a dept store, they may be able to fix it as well.
  3. Thank you Thithi! I will contact the SA first and if that doesn't work I'll take it to my local Nordstrom's to see if it can be repaired.
  4. Good luck, Melly! If I remember correctly from previous posts, ModaExpress in NJ can also replace hardware that has been damaged.
  5. i *think* i remember baglover saying once that the MJ boutiques had extra hardware...

    i think the post she was answering was about a zipper pull, but maybe they would have a push lock too..