Hardware replacement fees? ( pic included )


Aug 27, 2012
Does anyone know how much is the replacement fee for changing the hardware for the speedy bandouliere?

These parts have the shiny coating chipped off and tarnished, especially the rivets on the handle tabs, they are starting to chip away.

The hardware on the detachable strap is in super pristine condition and still shiny, but on the bag, its like a disaster.

PIC ( attached )

EDIT: I think I posted a thread about this, but I wanted to elaborate it. I just dont get why storing bags in closets make it worse.
I know its hot in miami but where I live, its kind of cool and not that burning hot. The days after I took it to the beach I stared at the bag ( since it was new ) and was admiring its beauty BEFORE subjecting it to its "hibernation". The hardware was still fine and im just bothered right now, using my speedy B and looking at the hardware. Its like I have not taken care of it that well and I just am turned off by the look. I went to the store but NOT with my speedy B. I asked for replacement fees but they needed to inspect the bag. Im going to the lv store around 2 weeks from now since I am so busy, but I want to hear info just to get prepared. Sorry for the rambling, tia!


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Jul 31, 2009
I had the same problem with my pochette, it was $45 to replace the zipper, end of zipper, (zipper pull replacement is free) two brass rings that hold the clip and the leather tab at the end. I also had to wait forever while they sent it away. I didn't have the strap replaced, because like yours, the hardware on the strap seemed ok, it was just the hardware on the pochette that was looking horrible.