Hardware question???

  1. Does it matter that your hardware doesn't match your shoes or belt?

    Here's my issue. I bought these great flat Jimmy Choos w/ brass hardware. I wear all white metal and all of my bags are basically white metal (except a Gucci , Ferragamo, balenciaga, and Bottega) My issue is that I wore them today w/ my dark gold 2.55, my outfit didn't require a belt. I am now on a search for a belt w/ brass hardware and a black bag w/ brass hardware. Am I making an issue of nothing. I was thinking of getting a black Balenciaga day to go with the shoes or a black 2.55 w/ gold hardware.

    My SA is trying to reassure me that its the bag COLOR not the hardware that I should try and coordinate. I mean, I'm not worried about my jewelry, just my bag hardware.

    Should I get the 2.55 w/ the gold?? My SA told me to wait for the gold 2.55 for cruise or another similar bag and pass on a 2005 bag that I have in two 2006 colors.... does this make sense??

    Am I crazy for wanting a new bag to coordinate w/ ONE pair of shoes I own???
  2. hi Japs,
    i go back and forth on this one but have to admit that I feel better when all my hardware matches. I think it looks very modern when things don't match, but I just feel like every thing is right in the world when my shoe hardware, belt buckle and hardware all are the same tone!!
  3. To me personally, I like my hardware to match. Sorry!
    This is why I never buy anything but white metals.
  4. I want to add. . . I NEVER ever notice of someone else's matches, it's only myself that I'm neurotic about! LMBO!
  5. Agree!! NEVER noticed on anyone else but if i don't match, I'm self-concious all day....
    But don't go by me japs, I am a neurotic obsessive compulsive nut case by nature!!
  6. Do you need a handbag "compliment" in addition to your bronze? It sounds like it worked...so maybe a belt now and another handbag compliment later (if you are still loving the shoes)? My Cartier tank watch solves my own "match" issues a bit as it has a touch of gold between the silver links. I am somewhat obsessed with the bag and shoes working together... My new Chanel bags all have silver/white hardware (except CB bowler...another reason not to get the N/S CB tote)...so my shoe options are now a bit limited by my bag lust...
  7. ^smarty pants!

    LOL! j/J it's a great idea!:yes:
  8. You ladies are sooo bad....I just ordered [​IMG]

    I think if I get a bag.... it will be a black balenciaga b/c I really want to wait for the cruise 2.55 colors and I don't need another 2.55 reissue right now... KWIM???
  9. Totally agree but in a golden way;)
  10. LOL again! My ability to go from very logical to fairly irrational/impulsive surprises me at times...

    J, Congrats on your belt!
  11. Hi Japs, I personally think whether or not the hardware needs to match depends on the other colours you are wearing as well. :shame:

    I hope you don't mind me showing this outfit that my friends chose for me for an event. :blush:


    The hardware of the Chanel Bag is dark silver (and there is quite a bit of hardware showing...) but somehow, there wouldn't be as much punch if the shoes had silver instead of gold in them too? :huh:

    What colour are your Jimmy Choos other than the brass hardware? ;)
  12. They are black.. I will post pics soon!! Can you do me a favor and tell me where you go those pearls and possibly a model number and price?? I NEED them!! They are gorgeous... actually.... the whole outfit is!!
  13. Hi, I would like to ask if there are any more opinions or any rules on matching bag hardware to hardware of belt buckles, shoe hardware, or jewelry. Does it matter if your bag hardware is gold and you are wearing a jacket with dark silver zippers? Does it bother you? I can't seem to make up my mind, if I like mixing hardware. Thanks!
  14. it would bother me. But if its very dark silver that almost looks black then I would wear it. If it were me I would probably find a sweater or a jacket with no color hardware or a nice fitted blazer. if you can't make up your mind it seems to bother you too.;)
  15. ITA! I like my hardware to match... The world just seems so much more coordinated if the hardware matches ...