Hardware question

  1. Is there such thing as "brushed" palladium hardware? This is in regards to handbags. TIA!:flowers:
  2. Yes there is, I remember seeing it on someone's bag......maybe the other more knowledgeable PF members can help.
  3. yes there is. it's basically a dull finish, not polish.
  4. HW types:
    Palladium (shiny silver)
    Brushed Palladium (matte silver, similar to a satin nickel finish)
    Ruthenium (darker gunmetal gray)
    Guilloche (palladium in a diamond cut pattern)
    Diamond (no explanation needed!!)
  5. ^^^I didn't know that Greentea. Thanks. That's what my birkin has. Ruthenium (darker gunmetal gray) hardware.:amuse:
  6. Diamond!!!:heart::heart::heart:
  7. I can't remember if I'm dreaming, but I believe that Hermes also makes/made brushed Gold. I seem to recall seeing it somewhere...
  8. Regarding brushed palladium, be aware that scratches easily show more.

    Both my Hermès belts have brushed palladium and you can easily see if there's a scratch so I'm extra careful.
  9. Nice to know! Now I can't decide between palladium and ruthenium!
  10. I think it depends on what color bag you're getting.
  11. Do you girls think the hw on my thalassa birkin is brushed palladium? Or ruthenium?
  12. I think it's palladium.
  13. Definitely looks like brushed palladium! Beautiful!
  14. It looks like palladium but matte. I think I got my answer now. Thanks girls :flowers: