Hardware question on Kelly...

  1. Just wondering if anyone knows when H changed the hardware on the handle of the Kelly to the double ring to hold the strap??? I kinda like the Kelly without that little extra do-hicky....:oh:
  2. I think they changed it around 2000 or 2001 :smile:
  3. Thanks, HermesAddiction!
  4. I remember it being 2000, too.
  5. shopmom...I agree - I like the Kelly without that thingy too. It was a cleaner look.
  6. 2000. Accoding to Hermes, they wanted to "modernize" the kelly a bit by adding those rings. I prefer the old school look too! ;)
  7. I sometimes use the shoulder strap and prefer the extra loop. Wouldn't the hardware on the strap impinge on the leather if it were attached to the handle's loop? I'm really particular about dents on leather!
  8. I think I'd feel better using a strap only if my bag had the extra loop...
  9. Can someone post the pictures of the old style Kelly with the current one? I have noooo idea what the older style looks like. Mine has always had the loop. But then again, I didn't get my first Kelly until last year.:flowers:
  10. Kou, if you go to the thread "new Hermès are here.." by Luxury Zurich, the two Kellys pictured are the old style without the extra loops by the handle...:flowers:
  11. Yep! And one's MINE!!! :love: (sorry guys, I just had to throw that one in.....)

    Hey Duna, do you use your vintage bags a lot???? Just wondering because I know I'm going to be very careful with this combo Kelly when she arrives....
  12. I've only got the Pullman (still at Hermès) and the green Kelly I got the other day...I don't think I'll use the Pullman that much, it's not an every day bag, being croc and that old... while the Kelly I'm using normally like my other bags, I change them round every few days....:flowers:
  13. Ok....'cause I don't see myself carting the old gal around all that much. I'll probably use the Bolide and Mizz Kelly much more......hmmmm....looks like I'd better grab myself another staple bag one of these days....
  14. Shopmom- since you have mizz Kelly, the older one should be Madam Kelly perhaps??:amuse:
  15. D., there's always a very good reason for allowing ourselves a new bag!LOL:roflmfao: I do think that a Birkin would be a good option for you, it's a more casual bag than the ones you have, and I find it very practical as a tote...:flowers: