Hardware preferences

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  1. Hi Ladies
    Monday afternoon survey for you all !
    Which hardware do you prefer , is the hardware that important or do you go mainly by the leather ?
    How different do you think bags look with different hardware?
    Hardware has to be shiny for me ( bit of a magpie ) I love the gold hardware on the new alexa , and the gold on my mabels and shimmy .....I'm very partial to silver hardware too and love my specials - oak anthony with silver hardware and Black Bays with silver hardware.
    If Mulberry offered a choice of hardware on their bags eg - you could choose which hardware for whatever bag what would be your ideal ?
  2. OOoh a lovely thread....here goes:

    1st choice silver but dull not shiny
    Joint 2nd choice Pewter coloured + dull brass
    3rd shiny gold

    I really dont like shiny gold h/w or indeed any shiny h/w and prefer silver coloured to gold coloured.....that said it is onyl the shiny gold that would stop me huying a bag if i liked everything else about it. i have turned down purses and bags with this shiny gold h/w as it is absolutely not me...

    but as awlays its great that we are all so different.
  3. I would have preferred my Alexa with silver or pewter hardware, simply because I wear silver rather than gold, but I know the brass colour is the Mulberry standard, so I'm ok with it.
  4. Matt silver or gunmental first
    then pewter or shiny silver
    then gold

    sadly there aren't enough bags with my first choices so often settle for gold.
  5. I love the gunmetal, there are never enough bags with this.
  6. my fav hardware is the old style bronze one that used to be on darwin chocolate and antique glace black and plum bags.
    It does depend on the bag and the colour though...gunmetal is lovely too.
  7. i love the dark hardware on the putty leopard bays! do they do any other bays with the dark hardware?
  8. I'm quite obsessive when it comes to hardware.. I prefer silver, but I also quite like gunmetal.

    I've just bought my very first Mulberry, a georgeous black Bays with silver hardware :heart:
  9. I prefer silver (with black bags).

    Fashion cupcake, congrats! Your first Mulberry is gorgeous!
  10. Congratulations Fashion Cupcake, you will not fail to enjoy her for years to come. For me it depends on the bag and the leather as some leathers and colours lend themselves better together with different coloured hardwear than others, but I will always love the traditional brass hardwear along with the lovely Darwin Oak, Choc and Black, I'm just an old fashioned girl at heart really! But as Poppy Bagfan says, its just great we're all different!
  11. Ooh I didn't know they sold Black Bays with silver h/w, where did you find that lovely? :biggrin:
  12. Sara: Thank you. I can't stop staring at it :love:
    I'm dying to show pictures, but my camera just died.. Hopefully I can do a proper reveal tomorrow.
  13. thelittlestar: Until recently I didn't knew either. It's an outlet special and I got from a trusted seller on Ebay :smile:
  14. If I could choose I'd go for antiqued silvertone hardware - would love to have my Ledburies (oak and red) with silver hardware. Hardware has become an issue for me, as I do not like goldtone stuff. I always wear white gold or silver jewellery and want my bags to match. I can live with the brass hardware of Mulberry bags, but that's about it, no shiny goldtone stuff for me
  15. Well I really like the brass which is so distinctive of Mulberry. So many other brands have silver. I also like the bronze with chocolate darwin which I have on my rosie. But maybe I'm just old fashioned! :biggrin: