Hardware peeling.. pls help me

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  1. I've noticed my Rhuthenium White Shoulder birkin's hardware seems started to peel.. i am not quite sure should I use peeling.. the bits are very small but they are slightly different color from the other part of the hardware

    the first 2 pics belongs to 1 side of the hardware which you can see the difference on the area just beside the hold

    and the last pics belongs to the other side of it which some area is lighter than normal while some is darker..

    is that normal?? i am very concern cos I dont use it much and I checked the other part of the hardware which dont have this problem at all.

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  2. what does Ruth White refer to? when did you buy it? if it was 2001 to 2004 Hermes had defects in the finish............this is well known and they will replace or repair the hardware

  3. ruth stands for Rhuthenium.. sorry for my spelling mistake... hehe

    the bag belongs to I year.
  4. Lucci is having a similar problem on her gorgeous potiron kelly.

  5. gee sorry! well to the best of my knowledge the problems were with palladium and were fixed by then.
  6. i just noticed it yesterday when i was packing my luggage.

    I am glad that i am moving to sydney that there is a local H store.. finally

    but i guess i used this bag less than 10 times.. i cannot see why it will start peeling but not other part..... i actually feel upset cos I paid so much for this bag..
  7. I hope that your hardware problem can be fixed.
  8. Definitely take it to H! They can and will do something about it!
  9. Chloe, Good luck. :smile:
    I hope you get the issue resolved soon. :smile:
  10. Wow sorry to hear this! Whats going on with H hardware?????!?!? :shrugs:
  11. I'm sure H will be willing to fix your bag! I have not had this problem with H, but I did have a similar issue with LV and they said they would fix and replace all the hardware for free, except I haven't taken the up on the offer yet! Good luck!
  12. I just searched the forum. seems there is a problem with Rhuthenium.... thats why they decided to stop it..
  13. They stopped Rutheium? I did not know this! If you could Chloe what thread was this? TIA!
  14. I just spoke with the store manager.. she said that hardware was introduced at around 2-3 yrs ago for a limited time, now they dont order those hardware anymore.. i am not sure does that mean discontinued...?
  15. It's my understanding that RH is still the standard hardware on Lizard bags and can be special ordered for others. I am not aware of it being discontinued.