Hardware on the Blake

  1. Ladies,

    Does anyone here know if the blake was made with both silver and gold hardware. I am looking at a blake in a blue color right now and it has gold-tone hardware whereas must of the blakes I have seen have silver.

  2. I know the quilted blakes had gold h/w (from BG.com):

  3. The "newer" colors have gold hardware. As of S/S 06, MJ is switching to ALL gold hardware. So depending on the color of blue, if it's a S/S bag, it has gold hardware. I've seen black, cream, tan, and yellow Blakes with gold hardware.
  4. My black Blake has gold hardware. I bought it from NM this past January.
  5. My 2004 pomogranade Blake from Bloomingdales has silver hardware.
  6. My black Blake has silver hardware. My blue Blake that a bought a couple of weeks ago at Nordstrom's also has silver hardware.