Hardware on my MJ has pitted

  1. I wonder if anyone has had this problem with their bags. I don't know the style of mine, it's a hobo with a dog leash type closure. I was going to sell it to my sister and we both noticed that all of the hardware is peeling or pitted. I haven't used this bag much so I'm wondering what the problem could be.

    I bought this at Saks a couple of years ago.


  2. Is it the big Frankie..I have one in brown..and it has that kind of closure..hmmm..I have never heard of that happening before...did you spill something on it??
  3. I don't know the name of it. I haven't spilled anything on it and haven't used it that much.

    The closure has a strap down the front with a belt buckle and then the dog leash thing. The strap also has the belt buckles on it and is adjustable.

    Every silver part on that purse is pitted. Is there anything I can do? I wanted to sell it but now I doubt anyone would want it.

  4. That's horrible! I've never heard of a MJ doing that. So sorry, and sorry that I don't have any suggestions for you. :confused1:
  5. Are you able to post pics?
  6. I have no idea what pitted means? You mean it's rusting? Pics will help...
  7. ^ I don't know what it means as well, some pictures would help.
  8. I took pics yesterday and now I'm trying to find the cord to download. We have a bundle of cords here and I can't figure out which goes to the camera. I used my husband's camera because it was the only one that would take close ups.

    I will post today.

    Thanks again!
  9. My Danielle has those little dark spots (if that´s what you mean) on the zipper under the flap. They have always been there.
  10. i have a fall 05 black quilted multipocket and it had these lil t-shaped things holding the "O" rings on either side in place....the t-thingies broke and started scratching the o-rings so now they both have scratches all over them....also on the zipper pull, the antique brass color has started to chip a bit....im not sure if this is the same problem or not...but it bothers me on mine...
  11. That's strange about the t-shape holding the o rings. My MP has only the O rings with nothing else, they move freely in the encased leather. Maybe a photo would help. If it's an MJ defect they should be able to fix it at the MJ boutique.
  12. /\ they should, but would most likely charge me. do you have a regular multipocket or a quilted one? the one i got was a store sample, and so i basically bought it used (handled at least), but at like a 60% discount when the bag was still retailing in stores for full price. i guess it's sorta something i am stuck with.....
  13. Some Hardwear has A thin film that will come off easy. On the Multi Pocket bags it will nick and just look Pitted after using the Pocket A few times. Just something you might check tell you can get the Pictures to us.