Hardware on Mousse paddys - tarnished look?

  1. I'm not familiar with the paddy's, but my SIL is looking for one. i saw the Mousse color one today, and the hardware looks tarnished. The SA said that's how they come in, is that true? Also the leather around the small little studs looked a little fuzzy and frayed, wondering if that is the nature of this particular color.

    Any input will be appreciated. Thanks! :smile:
  2. I am not sure what you mean by tarnished, but I posted pics of mine in a thread in this subforum (the Mousse has landed). They might help. Also, the leather around some of my studs are also frayed/fuzzy. BUt I must say, I love love love my bag! It is by far one of my most favorite bags!
  3. the hardware on mine is silver. not sure what you mean by tarnished? it's not a bright shiny silver, looks somewhat worn but I like it.
  4. Same, this is a great description!
  5. Yeah...tarnish as in not bright silver shiny or matte silver. More like it has a worn dull metal type look to it.

    SIL is thinking of getting the Mousse paddy tote. If that's the nature of the hardware then i think it should be safe. Just don't want her to get one that's been handled and "worn" by many people, or looks used.
  6. I like it cause it looks kind of safari - camp out - military-ish. It's tastefully "worn" as they say.
  7. I was looking at jag's pics and it does look the same. It really is a gorgeous bag :smile: i just bought an MJ (sorry guys! :P) so i can't afford another paddy, else i would! Hehe....

    Paddy tote is so scrumptious....yum
  8. heres mine if it helps...

  9. Its gorgeous!:flowers::heart:
  10. Great description! Especially where the lock is hanging. And yeah, the leather around the studs is fuzzy on mine too. Don't know if it would help but I just posted pics on my paddy tote thread.
  11. Hi there! I have the same bag as bagnshoo except with a larger pocket... in the mousse color with silver hardware. The hardware (the "C" buckles") should have that dull tarnished/oxidized look. Everything else I think should be shiny silver like the zipper pulls. HTH!
  12. Yeah...the hardware on the mousse is kinda like that. I didn't like it at first but it is growing on me...mousse is such a gorgeous colour :biggrin: