Hardware on damier papillon change


Which hardware is better on the Papillon handles?

  1. The older style, larger and wider.

  2. The newer style, smaller and narrow.

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Does anyone know what year this changed? The hardware on the handles used to be the wider, extended kind and now it's smaller. I've narrowed it down to post 2003 but that's all I know. Elux has the old style (attached) on their site right now and louisvuitton.com has the new style but I can't figure out how to save their pic.

    Further, which do you guys like best???
    Damier Papillon 30 Pic 5.jpg
  2. Pretty sure it was June 206, or when ever the Damier Speedys came out.

    Also the same time that the lining changed from the orangy colour to the lovely red lining.

    When I got my Damier Salsa earlier this year, I asked if they had one with the old hardware, but when I saw the lovely red lining, I went with that.

    If I'm honest, that cheaper looking hardware still inkles a bit, but I look at the lovely red, and I'm over it. (My Damier Pap 26 has the old hardware, so I'm not too bothered..)

    Not a fantastic picuture, but here's the new hardware on the Salsa, and the old hardware on the Pap 26


  3. Cool, I didn't even know about these little changes!
  4. Thanks Kathleen! I really appreciate the info and the pic. That DOES seem to be the dilemma for me too...I like the new red lining much much better but I like the old hardware...hmmmmmm, which to choose :confused1: Wonder if the boutique may have both in stock so I could compare side by side, didn't think of that before now.