Hardware on Damier items

  1. I'm keeping something from the Damier line in my shopping bag on elux for the moment....:graucho:

    I have a question about the hardware: is it solid brass? Is is plated and chip over time? I wouldn't mind scratching, but I dislike it when large chips of gold colored paint come off.
  2. Hardware is brass plated. Will over time scratch with small dents. All depends how one wears their bags.
  3. agree!

  4. Agree toooo!
  5. me kinda tarnished after awhile, but it didnt chip off
  6. Does Brass polish make it brighter, or do you just let the hardware alone?
  7. hi, some use brasso( Brass cleaner) to even out scratches and polish. i have not had any tarnishing, but some scratching...hths!
  8. ^^Brass polish will keep it shiny, but will not remove dings. I would be careful and not get any of the polish on your handles or the canvas of your bag.
  9. Scratches are OK. I've seen some bags with large chips of brass missing, and the HW looked shabby then.

    Dings/dents are fine.