Hardware On Classic Flaps

  1. Do you prefer Gold or Silver hardware on your classic flap bags?

    I am trying to decide what to get on the black caviar classic flap. The Boutique has one in each. I just am not sure which one to get. :s

    When I tried it on IRL at the boutique, it had silver hardware and I liked it, but I don't know if I would like the gold better. I won't be able to see it IRL until January and I want to get one now.

    Thanks for your help.;)
  2. I prefer silver as all my jewelry is white gold or Platinum:yes:
  3. Silver for me too. Gold is more formal or dressy if you like that look.
  4. Silver!

    I'd go for the gold on the warmer colors...ie Red
  5. Definitely silver!
  6. I love gold hardware and black bags, but for the classic flap in black I prefer the silver hardware more. It gives it a more sleek look IMO.
  7. Definitely silver HW... for any bag, if given a choice, I will pick silver HW over gold.
  8. i prefer silver.
  9. Personally I prefer silver, or I like the mix where one C is gold and the other is silver.
  10. Thanks for everyone's suggestions. I appreciate them!:yes:

    I have not seen a bag with two tone C's. Which bag is this? Is there a pic anywhere in previous threads that you know of?:s

  11. I prefer the silver hardware also.
  12. wow... I'm amazed by the votes for silver!
  13. I prefer silver for classic flap in black.
  14. Well, I usually "always" prefer gold HW. None of my bags are silver HW(they're all LV though...mostly gold anyways...except of course the Epi line..)

    Neways....I tried on the Classic Flap in silver...Loved it!! Gold, I thought was ok. Something about the silver...I don't know, I still can't explain it. I just liked the way it looked w/ the black. So I guess it depends on the bag "for me" perhaps. Who knows? On this particular bag...I liked the silver. Also seemed to make it look more "casual looking"...Hmm... I don't know, maybe that's it!
  15. Silver!