Hardware on Bags

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  1. Don't you think a lot of hardware cheapens the look of a bag? I'd rather see a lot of leather especially if it's a high end bag. How many buckles does one bag need anyway?
  2. I don't think that it necessarily cheapens the look of a bag -- my main objection is all the extra weight!
  3. I really like hardware as long as it is within reason. In my opinion it adds a little edginess. The only thing I don't like is chain handles. That's just too over the top for me.
  4. If it's too much, definitely. Also I think the quality of the hardware is another factor. The color doesn't matter to me but if you feel and look at a good quality heavy duty chain and a cheap flimsy one, it can make or break a bag.
  5. I don't think hardware in GENERAL cheapens the look of a bag. I think sometimes there are tacky ways to place hardware and sometimes making hardware too large or flashy can definitely make it look cheap.

    For example (only in MY opinion) the giant hardware Balenciaga's look MUCH cheaper than the regular sized hardware bags. I just think it's way too large and it's amost a caricature of itself. Very odd.
  6. I love hardware on a bag! Antique brass or nickel look best.

  7. It's the weight issue with me. Some hardware is nice but an excessive amount just doesn't do it for me. My shoulders are too tweeky.
  8. Well I am not opposed to hardware but in my experience the bags I have with more hardware are heavier and more likely to scratch the leather (refering to chain handle). So I am less likely to select that bag to buy or use.
  9. I agree that some bags have so much hardware that it's overkill. Not only does it look tacky but it looks dated (and heavy to boot). Less is more.