Hardware On An Older Bag

  1. My coworker came to me today with a bag that would be considered one of Coach's Classics/Legacys. She purchased it at a thriftstore last night for $3.00. :wtf: The purse has to be at least in the $125-$150 price range. Ironically, I was carrying my Stewardess bag today, which prompted some questions from her. She showed me the turnknob thingy on the front, which was badly tarnished (someone abused this poor bag :crybaby:) She was asking me if there is something she could use to spruce up the hardware. I thought this would be a question for TPF. What can she do to restore this classic bag ladies?
  2. maybe some brass pollish and appleguard or coach moisturizer ?
  3. If it's an authentic Coach bag, she can take it to any boutique and they can send it in for fixing, or they can suggest the right products to bring back its beauty. What a great find!
  4. :yes: :yes: