Hardware issues??!!


May 30, 2007
I have a cross body Paddington and a canvas tote bag (spring 2006) and have hardware issues on each!! The tote bag popped a rivet on one of the top straps, a on the Paddy a rivet pops on one of the handles! I returned the tote to Nordstrom (where I purchased it) and they sent it out for repair no problem. I bought the Paddy at Saks and don't know if their customer service is the same as Nordies. Has anyone had luck in sending bags that were bought at a departmetn store to a Chloe boutique for repair? I'm disappointed that both of my Chloe bags have almost the same issue. I don't overload them (lord knows the paddy is heavy without my stuff inside!) or abuse them. All of my other bags (LV, Hermes, kate spade, coach, Fendi) have never had an issue!

Any other hardware gripes or am I just "special"?:nuts:


Jul 23, 2007
No, I had the same problem with my cross body Paddington, the rivets fell off on the part where the shoulder strap attached, and also on one of the handles. Actually I was quite shocked,because the bag was new! As they are usually very expensive bags this shouldn't happen!!
I didn't send it anywhere (shame on me) because I was so eager to use it and didn't want to wait for weeks again (was my first Chloé, purchased on ebay), so took it to a local bag repair shop. So on the shoulder strap part there are bigger rivets, not the original ones, but I at least have the feeling they are strong enough, since the bag together with the stuff in it is really heavy... Maybe was a mistake, if I get to resell it...
at the moment I'm using it every day. The handle rivet I managed to reattach, now that would have been too ugly to replace by a different one...
Strange isn't it? How long was it to get your bag repaired?


Sep 29, 2007
No, you aren't the only one...I got the new Heloise and the hardware on one end of one of the handles came out so the boutique where i got it sent it back to Chloe for repair (took almost a month to get back) then it did it again so i just took it back and asked for money back- got that no problem. so now im on the hunt for something to replace it :smile: