Hardware Decision for pourpre City: GsH or Covered?

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Hardware for Pourpe City

  1. Silver Giant Hardware

  2. Covered Hardware

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Sorry for being out of point but wld u consider RH. I always thot Balenciaga Reds go the best with RH. But betw GSH and GCH for Pourpe, i say GSH.
  2. GSH - it's stylish!
  3. GSH looks better than GCH. But I agree that RH on red bags is best, red doesn't need any other decoration. I think GH on red bags sometimes looks 'too much'.
  4. Gsh!
  5. silver
  6. I like both, I think gsh brings out a nice contrast to pourpre while gch makes it a little more understated. Tough choice but I think I'd have to go gch.
  7. I vote GSH. I think it's gorgeous on pourpre! :smile:
  8. GSH gets my vote
  9. SHivaa! :yahoo: Huhu! :biggrin:
    I would recommend you the GHW! I prefer it much more in this version :smile:
    GCH are a bit sensitive and rub off during using.
  10. covered
  11. I'm not a fan of Covered Hardware so the choice is easy for me - GSH!
  12. Pourpre goes best with SGH!
  13. as I´m not a covered fan...would ever take GSH of course...:smile:
  14. Juhu BannYlein ;) that´s a good tipp :smile: