Hardware condition and thoughts (Plating wear vs oxidation vs tarnished)


May 19, 2019
Hi!! :smile:
I currently own 2 Jypsières and 1 Evelyne, after several years admiring Hermes Kellys and Birkins, I was thinking to try the preloved route, I mean, I know I will love the bag, I just had a financial mental block on the cost .. so I sold some of my unused bags to help me jump that mental block.
Now, I am not of English mother tongue and I was wondering if you have some expertise in the description of the hardware condition and what is best and what to avoid.

When I read "scratches", or faint scratches, hairline scratches, surface scratches, I think I know what to expect (it depends on the website but it's quite clear).
When I read "tarnished", I believe I also know. I used to take care of the hardware of my bags with products that would help me tone down or remove the tarnishing so I guess tarnishing is not that much of a concern, or is it with Hermes?

When they mention "oxidation" and "plating wear", on for example palladium hardware on Kellys or Birkins, I am not quite sure how bad this is, if there is a specific condition that I really should stay away from.
I know the SPA services would change the Hermes hardware but sometimes I hear that they will only change it if it malfunctions, not for aesthetics reasons.

I mean, if the preloved bags are in excellent condition, except for hardware plating wear or oxidation, how much of a deal breaker is it when it comes to Hermes Kellys and Birkins?
It would be so insanely helpful to get some feedback from you, about your personal experience with preloved hardware condition and if you eventually restore it, even if it's only a partial reviving.

I am really dying to get a Kelly or a Birkin for quite a long time, going new is an option that I also envisioned but I have been waiting for a while, I think it will happen at some point but I think I have enough of waiting and the bags that I find on the preloved market that are matching my wishlist are in fantastic condition, just the hardware is what is keeping me from pulling the trigger.

I thank you so much for taking time out of your day to help me!!! :smile: :smile: :smile:


Apr 17, 2019
Just saw this- so sorry for the late response!
Scratches are just what you say, and only you know how scratched is "too scratched" for you. But many CAN be buffed out by spa.
Tarnish may or may not be able to be removed with appropriate cleaner ( but please be careful-Docride suggests an eraser tip)
Oxidation cannot be removed, nor can plate wearing. It is permanent and only you can decide if that is a deal breaker or not. Spa CAN replace hardware, but it is not cheap, and that may decide everything for you.

Bottom line- you know what you want the bag for, what you can live with, what will make you happy and what you can afford. Don't let anyone else talk you into it. And whatever you decide, please just use and enjoy your bag! :flowers:


Jan 15, 2007
Hermes will replace hardware when the plating has worn off. They will not change out the color of the original hardware. I bought a pre-owned barenia birkin and the hardware at the turn lock needed replacing.