Hardware Color and Your Jewerly

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Does your Chanel hardware color need to match your jewelry?

  1. Yes! I like my harware to match my jewelry

  2. No! I don't care if my bling matches the hardware

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  1. So I wear a lot of gold since it goes better with my skin tone (olive). I was wondering if there were any PF'ers out there who wear mostly gold jewelry but choose the silver hardware for their Chanel. Or vice versa!

    Does it clash? Or do you prefer it to match?

    Thank you!
  2. I have a GST with gold hw and I wear both silver or gold with it. I don't like to be too matchy matchy personally.
  3. I prefer white gold and platinum, so I tend to buy silver hardware...
  4. I usually like to match my jewellery to the hardware colour. Right now I only have the black reissue w gold hw which I've actually tried with both silver/white gold and gold jewellery and the SA assured me it goes fine. Mostly I wear gold jewellery with it, if I wear my white gold jewellery, I would take my Dior Saddle with silver hw.
  5. I never wear gold, but I have a jumbo black w/gold, my pink pst has gold too.
  6. I don't match my jewelry to my bags. My engagement ring is platinum and my fav watch is yellow gold so I often mix my metals.
  7. I have silver hardware on my two bags, but I wear white, yellow, and rose gold. I don't think they have to all match.
  8. i hardly match my jewellery to the hw on my bags. Its a matter of personal preference, really. Some people hate wearing gold and silver together, while others like the mix/don't mind at all!