Hardware advice -- gold togo birkin

  1. I am putting my order in for a 35 gold togo birkin at the end of the month. I just can't make up my mind whether I want palladium or gold hardware!!! I have looked at photos of lots of bags and they are both nice. I just don't know what to do. Any advice?
  2. i like gold with gold..
  3. This is one topic that always is debated around here! hehe For a Birkin or Kelly, I like both. On a Bolide, for some reason, I love it with palladium.

    If you want the HW to blend in and create a warm, classic look, do gold. If you want a more modern, fresh look, do palladium. It brings out the white stitching. I used to only like gold bags with palladium and now have "warmed" up to gold.
  4. I have Gold Togo with Palladium hardware but I love Shopmom's Gold Togo with Gold hardware! I think Gold on Gold is more beautiful and stunning than Gold with Pall! Honestly!
  5. ohhhhh....gold!
  6. I second GT!
  7. Gold:love: My dream bag is a 35cm gold togo with GH.....
  8. I have the gold 35 cm Birkin with the palladium hardware and it seems to make it easier to wear with jeans as it tones it down a bit. Gold is gorgeous too. But I am a SAHM and dress casually and in jeans for the most part. Not that it wouldnt look nice dressed up either.
  9. In size 35cm, both colors would look fab. I agree with Greentea.

    The palladium hardware give the bag a more casual look and looks great with the white stitching while the gold is more classic.
  10. I have a preference for gold with gold...looks dressier, with pall still looks good, but is a little more casual.(IMO)
  11. I just love how the gold hardware against the gold leather just glows.....love it!!!
  12. Another vote for gold!!
  13. Definitely Gold on Gold!!
  14. ^^ Queenie, there has been a lot of requests for gold hardware at our store and I bet the folks there are scratching their heads why the surge in demand for gold when palladium has been the hot favourite for years! :graucho: :graucho:
  15. ^ *Tee Hee* I am sure Tania must be.