Hardlyeverwornit .com - thoughts?

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  1. Anyone used this site to purchase anything?

    Just discovered this and had a good nosey through. Seems ok but before it gets saved in my browser bar I'd like confirmation it's ok.

    Thanks ladies. :cool:
  2. Not used them Panda, they guarantee authenticity and state that all bags are screened before listing. They are simply a listing platform though, so do not hold the bags in their possession, so it is possible for photographs of a genuine bag to be uploaded and a fake dispatched. They have a 7 day returns policy, which I'm not sure fits with the Consumer Contracts Regulations (2013), which gives a 14 day return period.
    Also I noted this paragraph from their terms and conditions...

    "...the event of a non-genuine, item being listed, with an intent to sell as genuine, feedback should be given to hardlyeverwornit.com and the seller will be blocked from listing further items."

    Not sure how much that helps?