hardLVcore!'s bags n more

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  1. LVaddict! (please note the difference:smile:. I don't want to take credit for some one else's stuff) asked me to help her with posting pics.
    Here are some of the MC, Cerises and Cherry Blossom Louis Vuitton bags, accessories and shoes:love: :
    cartripmonaco_080[1].JPG vuitton_001[1].JPG
  2. Thank you LV_Addict! I will finish taking the rest of the pics and figuring the upload thingy. :P
  3. Wow, very nice collection!
  4. Yes, WOW is right!
  5. I LOVE a girl who buys in bulk! You are my LV hero!!!:yes: Can't wait to see the rest!!!
  6. OMG! I love your MC collection!
  7. You two must have been separated at birth - LOL! :smile:
  8. That is EXACTLY what I said!!!:lol:
  9. Beautiful collection ... love each and every one of your LVs!
  10. Awesome collection.

  11. Awesome collection i love it.
  12. Beautiful collection! Everything is gorgeous!
  13. OMG i love your cherry blossom bags

    and your multicolor gracie is to DIE for!
  14. Beautiful collection!
  15. You have a wonderful collection. :nuts:
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