Hardest situation i've been please help!

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  1. Ok, so something really weird happened to me today. I posted a new thread about my musette perfo, and how it had bronken and I had ruined it... Then the thread was close because the bag is actually fake!!

    I was given that bag by my parents years ago when I graduated. It was one of my first luxury items. Yesterday I took it to the store to see if it could be repaired and the SA was awful to me (now I guess I know why!) but she did not tell me that it was a fake!

    What do I do now?? I had no idea about it, never crossed my mind! Should I speak to my parents?? I'm so confused!
  2. Do you think that your parents would knowingly give you a fake? Maybe they didn't know.

    I had a friend once who "got a really good deal" on an "authentic" speedy from a street vender. She had no clue that what she bought was fake.

    Honestly I wouldn't say anything to them - unless there was a concern that they got ripped off for a lot of $$.
  3. i guess you should definitely to talk your parents about the bag and ask them where they got it from...
  4. Perhaps your parents had no idea it was fake and just thought they'd found a 'really good deal' on one? Perhaps they couldn't afford a real one, but knew it was what you really wanted so bought a fake and didn't tell you? Either way, it was given to you as a gift, and it's not good manners to question a gift. They might be really embarrassed about it if you do. I wouldn't say anything to them.
  5. I would just let it go...especially if it has been many years since you received the bag.
    I'm sure that you are wondering if your parents knowingly gave you a fake, but if they have purchased other designer goods at the boutiques with you, I would give them the benefit of the doubt.
  6. Maybe you should post better photos of it in the Authentication thread, that way you can be doubley sure before you confront them.
  7. I agree, the reason they gave you this bag was because they love you, so it is the thought that counts.
  8. no, don't ask them. just let it be. they got you a gift, it didn't have to be real. if you're worried that they got ripped off... well, there's nothing they can do now, right?
  9. More than likely your parents had no idea that it was a fake. If they gave it to you as a gift thinking is was real, then I would not say anything esp. if was years ago. At that time, they were trying to make you happy. However, depending on your relationship with your parents and you know they wont feel hurt - you can tell them what you have now learned - in case someone ripped them off! Since you had no idea it was fake either!
  10. That would explain why it just fell apart. I understand now.

    No I would not say anything to them. And, I remember your thread at the start of the year about your dad being laid off and you sold some of your LV to help out. I think it will just make him feel terrible.
  11. I agree with what so many others have said - you should not say anything to them. Anyway you look at it your parents love you and bought you something they knew you really wanted and that would make you happy. Whatever means they used to do so does not matter anymore. You enjoyed the bag while you had it and that was their intention.

    Sorry to hear about your bag falling apart!
  12. it is up to you. Some parents are very open-minded and some are not... you know them well so you probably know what to ask and what not to ask...

    If I were in your position, I will ask my parents in a relax environment b/c I want to know what happened...:girlsigh: I have good relationship with my parents so I can ask them anything…

    Of course, at the end, once I fulfilled my curiosity I will let it go and give them a big hug!!:hugs:
  13. I think it depends on your parents if it's okay to ask them. If it's really bugging you maybe just say you took it to get it fixed and LV wouldn't take it because the SA was young and unfamiliar with the bag and said she wasn't sure if it was real or not. Or maybe ask your parents for the receipt because you want to get it repaired. Or ask if they got it second hand because the SA wouldn't take it for repairs because you didn't have receipt or something like that.
  14. ^So true. Just let it go. And remember the kindness of your parents who even thought to buy you that gift several years ago.
  15. I would just keep it to myself, and give them the benefit of doubt.