Hardest decision ever: '02 2nd season Chocolate First vs. '02 3rd season Black First


Hardest decision ever: '02 3rd season Black First vs. '02 2nd season Chocolate First

  1. '02 3rd season Black First

  2. '02 2nd season Chocolate First

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  1. Hello again, everyone!

    I've had this dilemma for quite a while now. The DH prefers little Miss Choco b/c her leather is like butter, but I think the black is super-cool with distressed leather.

    Which one looks better on me? (I know there isn't a huge difference, besides the tassel and strap lengths...and that makes it even harder.)

    Hardest decision ever: '02 3rd season Black First vs. '02 2nd season Chocolate First:

  2. RDC, why don't I EVER have dilemmas like yours? :crybaby: ;) Based on your photos alone, as I've not seen either IRL, I'd vote along with you. That Black First ROCKS!
  3. another vote for the Black First! it's such a cutee bag! i think you'd get more use out of it than the chocolate first. Your DH seems like he is totally getting the whole B-bag thing and our obsession with scrumptious leathers! what a great DH!
  4. Aren't these bags for sale in your store?
  5. I can't believe it but I voted chocolate! The leather on that bag (from what I can see) is BUTTER! I just prefer it over the leather of your black one.
  6. i voted for the black, but they are both so beautiful... if only we were able to feel them online, look wise though the black will probably go with more... but that chocolate looks very delicious as well.

    sorry, i probably didn't help much :sad:
  7. ^ Nope, they are not in the shop. There is a pic though in the slideshow of bag porn on the splash page.
  8. I voted for chocolate because of the leather, and I haven't seen many of this color/year. This was a tough decision though.
  9. I'd keep the chocolate!
  10. I vote for chocolate,the leather is TDF!
  11. I think they both look wonderful. It's a tough decision.
  12. The leather... :drool: I voted for the chocolate because it looks insanely yummy!!!
  13. That's a toughy. I voted for black because if you're paring down, you want to keep your classics, but both are gorgeous.
  14. I voted for chocolate because I feel like you can always get black and it's beautiful.
  15. OK Girlie you have to many decisions to make.:p What happened to VG?:nuts: i really like the Brown one. I think you DH is right.:yahoo: