Harder to stick to- diet? or exercise?


what's harder for you to stick to?

  1. healthy diet

  2. consistent exercise

  3. both

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  1. i'm just wondering what you guys struggle with more- sticking to a healthy diet plan, or getting your butt to the gym? maybe we can help eacother out. people who have an easier time with diet can help those who don't, and vice versa.

    me personally, i've always had a harder time keeping up my gym habits as much as i would like. i tend to slack in that department, sometimes its soooooooo hard for me :sad:. i need help to be consistent!

    as for diet, i can stick to the same diet for 8 months and not cheat. i'm lucky i've got that going for me, because i'd be way worse off than i am right now:lol:

    everyone has their struggle, what's yours? and tips for sticking to either are greatly appreciated!!:tup:
  2. It's way easier for me to stick to a diet. You have to eat - it's choosing the right things. 95% of the time I choose the right things. Our kitchen is stocked wityh healthy food - no white pasta, rice, bread. Mostly low fat no fat stuff. lots of veggies & lean meats. whole grain high fiber foods. Don't get me wrong, I do have the occasional slice of pizza but it's rare.

    Exercise is another story since I am limited for time with a full time job, school 1 day a week with homework & tests, a family etc etc..... It's easy for me to go to the gym on my lunch hr at work & I really enjoy it - but not in the winter. The thought of coming right from the shower into freezing cold to walk back to my office is just unbearable. So I'm good from spring through fall - winter is my downfall. I have a treadmill @ home but it's easy to get distracted there.
    I know I should and really could MAKE time but........

    They key is really to do both - consistently. 2 yrs ago or so I lost over 30 pds from May - Sept by diet AND exercising like crazy! I've since gained back & kept on about 7 pds of it over just the last few months (stupid winter!)....... trying to get that back off & then some. It's a LOT harder for me to stick w/exercise in the winter. When it's nice out I really love running outside or even just walking. And the days are longer as weather gets nicer so it makes going for a jog after work easy when it's still light out. Now it's dark when I get home.
  3. I am having this dilemma as we speak, I can stick to the diet but I am having a really hard time finding the motivation to want to exercise & finding the time too
  4. The problem for most people is that they view both as chores and something that you have to work at or endure. When they both become regular parts of your life in moderation, there is no problem doing them for a lifetime.
  5. It's definitely much more difficult for me to stick to a completely "clean" diet. I love to work out, it's such a great stress reliever, and I see it as "me" time. But when it comes to food :shame: I love to eat. Sometimes, I think the main reason I work out is so I can eat :lol:

    Take today for instance. What am I craving for lunch? Freakin' Chick Fil A. What do I have in my lunchbox? Canned tuna in water with light mayo and melba toasts. Fun :rolleyes:
  6. For me it's definatly the food issue. I enjoy exercising, though I'm not a fanatic but the eating healthy is soo hard. Especially w/DH always bringing in junk food, it's so tempting.
  7. exercise and for this reason only: TIME!!!
  8. I can do the diet part pretty easily, but I really hate to exercise! :sad:I wish I liked it. I wish I loved to work out. It feels like a chore. I know that I need to change the way I think about exercise and incorporate it into my daily life...
  9. I love to exercise and I've been doing it for so long now that luckily it has become almost habit for me. However, I HATE to watch what I'm eating and even though I know what I should eat, I love comfort foods (which are the worst), and I love desserts.

  10. For me it's harder to stick to diet. Once I start exercising regularly I get hooked on it and feel weird if I don't do it every day. Diet is harder for me, especially since I have a mother and grandmother who love to bake yummy things...:yes:
  11. I love exercise as much as my chocolate cake!
  12. Both for me :shame: However, I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE working out with a passion - gyms are smelly and boring (sorry if I offend somebody), so I prefer dieting.
  13. The diet is much harder for me! I am often tempted by unhealthy food when its available.

    Working out is fun and you always feel better afterwards. And, I feel like I've accomplished more after a good workout, rather than through strongly restricting my food.
  14. ^ Yeah, the only thing that I like about exercise is the feeling afterwards (and of course, the long term effects :graucho:) but I still hate doing it.
  15. I think I have an equally hard time with both. I love chocolate, cake, candy, and ice cream more than everyone I know combined. When I get motivated, I will keep to my exercise routine. But once I have a reason to stop for a while (e.g. I got a tattoo) it is so easy for me to take a break and never continue exercising when I am able to. I can stick to a stringent schedule for months, but if I stop for a week, I have a hard time getting back on track.