Hardcore Dior Handbag- Was it ever made of leather?

  1. Hi to all you Dior Experts,

    I got a black hardcore dior bag last year and everything looks authentic except for the fact that the bag is made of leather.

    Was the Hardcore Dior bag ever made of leather or is it only made of that silky red or black fabric?

    I never use the hand bag because I am afraid that it could be fake and I would never carry a fake handbag. So please let me know what you guys think so I can finally start using my bag!

  2. Hmmm, I think it does come in black leather.
    I do have it in red silky fabric, if you want to compare yours with mine, post all the pics you can. I got mine from Neimans :angel: .
    I will take a look.
    :tender: :tender: :tender: