Hardcore Boston..Yay or Nay ?

  1. Any of your ladies own a hardcore boston (w/piercings)? I'm kinda tempted to get it off from someone...mmmm does it look passe in any way?

    Personally i find the piercings kinda cute :p

    Here's a pic of it:
  2. Yay!It's gorgeous!
  3. i like thats its kinda edgy , but to be honest i feel to old to carry it ...maybe 10 years ago i would have said yes hihihi
  4. Yay Yay Yay !
  5. ya i like it too cuz it's really something diff from the feminine dior bags i own...i guess i should give in to temptations :yahoo:
  6. I really like this bag! I once saw a girl with the exact same bag and I thought she looked amazing with it. I would go for this if I were you, although I do agree with Nat...it depends on your age and the girl that I saw with the bag was a teenager (or at least she looked like one).
  7. mmmm i'm already in my late twenties lolx...should i or should i not....:sweatdrop:
  8. In your late twenties you probably still look like a teenager :biggrin:...so yes you should!
  9. Get it!

    It's different and you'll sure stand out (in a good way).
  10. WOW what a beautiful bag! :drool:
  11. wondering if any ladies here owns the bag? possible to take a pic of it?
  12. I saw it once IRL and I think it pictures of it don't do it justice!
  13. I have it!! Mine's is still brand new with wrapping and everything but I swear one day I'll use it! hahahaa.

    I love it, the red/black/white works really awesome together and it definitely spruces up an outfit.
  14. It's gorgeous!
  15. I have it and adore it!! I always wear something flashy with it. colourwise... I love to pair knee length capris (dark denim) with a red red red top and matching high high heels, bengal bracelettes... And I love this bag because I have never seen anyone on the street carrying it, ever. It never fails that multiple people will stop me when carrying this bag. If your friend still wants to get rid of her bag, and you decide no, let me know, I always could use another.