Hard to work zipper - how to fix?

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  1. My deauville zipper is hard to work, meaning it does not slide very easily? Is this normal and what can I do to make it "go" a little easier? If there is a way please share!!
    Thanks!!!! :yes:
  2. Hi, I used candle wax on my Epi Alma zipper and now it works like a dream. Be careful not to let any of the wax flake off and drop onto the lining though. A few strokes of the candle along the entire zipper and then move the zipper back and forth. The visible white wax will disappear after a few moves as it gets worked into the zip. I used a gorgeous L'Occitane candle so now my bag is subtly fragranced as well! Good luck
  3. My mom has the same prob with her Alma too- but is there an easier way, like put some kind of oil on it?
  4. I've been taught a good trick and it has worked for me, you can try it out!
    You get a lead pencil and run it along the zipper a few times and it will make the zipper run smoother. Let me know how you go.
  5. Candle wax is the way to go. Or you can get a silicone lubricant from home depot. Spray some on a cloth and carefully wipe it over the zipper. Make sure not to get on anything else but the zipper. Open and close the zipper a few times. Should work like a charm. Make sure you get the oiless silicone lubricant. The one with teflon in it. Ask a store clerk to help you. Good luck!
  6. My epi alma also had a very hard to zip zipper. Just tried the wax and all I can say is WOW!! Thanks ladies...worked like a dream.
  7. Silly question probably... Do you run the candle along the teeth of the zipper (in the open position) on both sides? Beeswax candle or any kind?

    I've got a tough to open zipper, never had that before, didn't want to risk ruining the bag though.