Hard to get?

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  1. What do you guys think are the most sought after and/or hard to get pieces from LV?
  2. Most likely that award would go to the true LE lines, such as the Iconoclasts or the black and blue Speedy Amazone, where only a few bags (either in the 10's or 100's globally) are made - this wouldn't really include the seasonal LEs, such as the V or the Roses, since there are a significant number made and sold over the course of months. A close second would be vintage pieces, and I mean vintage (think trunks, historical pieces, etc.), that are still in beautiful condition - die hard collectors drop some serious money to acquire these antiques and display them.
  3. Interesting question!
    • exceptional fine jewelry pieces LV sells in Vendôme
    • custom hard-sided luggage
    • exotic-leather bags such as croc petite malle
    • some runway pieces

    For the rest of its collection, Louis Vuitton is produced in large numbers and most items are ultimately easy to get.