Hard to fit foot-recommendations, please!

  1. Note: I only looked through the threads from last December until the present, so I am truly sorry if I missed something earlier than that on a pertinent related subject.

    I am looking to start investing in my shoes, rather than paying $50 for something uncomfortable that I won't want to wear next season.

    I have two major problems, though: my medical problems and shoe size. I'd love to have help from the resident shoe experts so I can stop looking cute until your eyereaches my shoes!

    I'm looking for a comfortable pair of cute yet basic heels that meet the following characteristics:
    1. Timeless
    2. Comfortable
    3. Sturdy. No stiletto heel since I often have balance issues due to my health. I need heels that feel like flats.
    4. Will fit a wide foot. (Not just sort of wide. Very wide)
    5. Looks like it was designed for someone not in orthopedics (which is the case with a ton of wide shoes).

    I've been searching all over and have been empty handed. I've been looking at the Cole Haan Nike Air pumps, but the only ones I can smoosh my foot into are open-toed. That's not going to get very far this winter.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. Have you tried www.zappos.com I know you can select shoes by the width and I think you can find them wide or very wide as you say. I looked really quick and it looks like they have some cute heels. Good luck!
  3. Thank you for the suggestion. I've bought far too much from Zappos to plead ignorance on them though. :smile:

    I'm really hoping for some specific designer recommendations if anyone has any similiar foot issues.
  4. OK, I've got a superwide foot. The first thing I keep on hand at all times is a shoe stretcher. I bought wooden ones on eBay. I have to stretch just about every shoe.

    I'm not sure of your budget, but I have found that for super-wide feet, kitten heeled shoes with an open back work best. I have several pairs of Pradas that fit the bill. Also, I've found that suede is easier on the foot than regular leather. I often have the same good luck with Manolo Blahnik kitten heels. Hope that helps!
  5. my foot tends to be on the wider side for some reason.i say soft leather or suede is the way to go..try nine west
  6. FWIW, Cole Haan G Series seems to run wider than the Air series, though they also have the air cushions built in. And if you can handle clogs with heels, a LOT of them seems to be very wide. (Big clog fan, here!)
  7. Try Naturalizer or EasySpirit. They come in wide width and they're known as "comfy shoes." I would go with leather (because it stretches) in a low wedge or kitten heel...

    Shoemall.com is worth checking out. They carry a lot of hard to find sizes and they have good sales!
  8. Also note that both Bally and Ferragamo do carry C width - not superwide, to be sure, but better than standard B=Medium.