hard to find?

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  1. is a white caviar gst with silver hardware hard to find?

    also, how durable are white caviar bags over time? do they get yellow with age? i'm looking for my 2nd chanel bag and i want a gst, but not sure if i should go with white or black caviar. i tend to shy away from white bags because i'd probably worry too much about it getting dirty. *sigh*

    any advice or insight?
  2. id say go with the black GST that way you will not have to worry about getting it dirty.
    for a white bag how about the medium.large flap?
  3. I'd go with the white and save to buy a black in the Fall. :yes: I don't think that they are too difficult to find...I just bought a white one at Saks on "pre-sale" for their upcoming promotion....so don't actually get it until Thursday. Good luck deciding.
  4. lvdevotee- i'm afraid by the time i buy a black gst in the fall, the price would have gone up a lot.

    doulosforhim- med/large flaps are too small for me. :sad:
  5. Go with what you really love. You will have to be careful with the white gst, but don't get black if you really want the white.
  6. the white is pretty...but i wonder how many of us buy bags that don't get much usage because of the dirt factor?

    so torn! ugh!