Hard to find Tokidoki prints???

  1. When the LeSportSac Tokidoki bags first came out, I loved them and bought a Bella Bella. The next print I saw was called Playground - and it just wasn't for me, so I passed on it.

    Now, after seeing that Tokidoki has it's own forum here, I have renewed my passion for it!!!! :nuts: I just bought 2 Gioco's in Pirata and Paradiso....and I love them......but while shopping today - I could not find one single bag in the Foresta print, is this print very hard to come by???? I haven't seen it IRL and was hoping to, but no luck today....and the LeSportsac outlet in Woodbury Commons said they'll never carry that print.

    So is this such a hard print to find? When did it come out? Was it limited?

    Thanks for any help you all can give me :yes:
  2. Congrats on your purchases and welcome!! We all :heart: tokidoki here!! I :heart: the bella bella purse and gioco is one of my favorites too!!

    All of the tokidoki prints are limited as they are released for one season and then there aren't any more made after that. Apparently foresta is one of the harder prints to find. It was released at the same time as the citta print which was Fall '06, it came out before the inferno/paradiso prints but it seems to have disappeared from the stores. Macy's marked them down to 25% off retail price in their stores and then over president's day weekend they were an additonal 30% off of that price so they were super cheap if you were even able to find them.

    Apparently the outlets had a few bags in foresta but whenever I've called they've told me they didn't have any at all and they never got them. Although some other girls have gotten different responses from SA's at the outlets.

    There's a store in Tennessee that has the Luna (Duffle) & the Scuola (backpack) but they're at regular price. Macy's.com has a few of the bags but also at regular price Macy*s - Search Results

    I hope some of this info helps. Let us know if you find any!! Good luck!!
  3. Thanks for the info TokiliciousJenY!!!!

    I'm really wanting a Foresta Ciao, I looked online at Macy's but they don't have it...although they do have some Foresta bags. I will call the outlet again and see if I get a different answer next time. In the meantime, I'll be searching......I really don't want to buy off eBay, I don't like dealing with eBay at all. I don't mind paying full price for one, so I'll keep searching.

    Thanks again!!! :yes:
  4. lamb- i think foresta is one of the harder prints to find, even on eBay you don't see TOO many foresta bags, and most are not the popular styles. they are pretty much sold out in stores bc of markdowns, and you might get lucky at a macys or Nordstroms, but I haven't seen any forestat in the local stores in SF area since earlier this year, when the new pirata and adios prints came out.
  5. haha im looking for one too! ....i think i saw a ciaociao online at macys for 160 awhile back...but no ciao.:sad:

    since they say its limited edition..i wonder how many bags are produced each season...
  6. If anyone is looking for a Foresta Buon Viaggio, I have one NWT that I am going to be selling. It's in my collection post photos & I can e-mail better pics of it if anyone is interested.
  7. Uh Oh . that may start a :boxing: with all the foresta hunters. :lol:
  8. lol ...oh yeah! well you can count me out...i think the BV is big for me..im only lookin for a nuvola in foresta :biggrin: