Hard to find items and AmEx

  1. This is a bit off topic, but does anyone have the American Express Platinum/Centurion Card? I've heard their conceirge service is AMAZING. On the website, it says:

    A Platinum Card Concierge located a bracelet a Card member had seen while on vacation in Rhodes, Greece-a town with more than 100 jewelry stores.

    That is just for the Patinum card(which I should be receiving tomorrow or Tuesday latest). For the Centurion card, they can even let you shop at malls or stores after they have closed, among MANY other perks.

    I was thinking this must be really convenient if AmEx could ship a Sophie to the US or locate bags in Canada that they out of in the US like the Damier Azur Speedy. Does anyone use this service?
  2. I have an Amex Platinum, so if you find out about the Sophie, let me know!!!!
  3. I have the platinum as well! Hmmm I would LOVE a certain necklace of which is ONLY available in florida (I am in canada). Please let us know! What is centurion? I wonder how I can apply for that..........
  4. Wow, such great service..! :nuts: I never knew that. But then again, I don't own one... :shame: yet! :p
  5. The Centurion card is a step above platinum. To get invited to use it, you must spend 250k USD on another card. The card is black and made out of titanium- the only metal charge card made. There is a nearly unlimited spending limit... the perks just go on. Also, the annual fee is 2500USD. Kind of disappointing, but that is my goal for 2007!
  6. Yea haha not happening with me yet (only 18 hehe), but I am surprised my mother or father don't own one. Ah well. anyways You think they could "shop" for us with our platinum's? :graucho:
  7. Every time we use the concierge service it is a frustratingly slow process. I don't think everyone working the concierge # is actually qualified to do much, it's pretty rare that we finish the call w/o me being stressed out. The last guy did help with a reservation that was supposedly impossible to get though.
  8. Does that still count even if you don't have or haven't dealt with an SA in Hawaii? I wouldn't think that because you have the concierge do it that they'd still be able to override the policy but who knows.
  9. OHHH THATS the AMEX BLACK card I have been hearing about. Ok yea. I know what it is.
  10. Hopefully the concierge will live up to its expectations. I will sure update tomorrow after I call them. I will hopefully be receiving it tomorrow in the mail. I'll be so excited!:yahoo:
  11. oh oh
    my dad has the amex black card....im sure he won't help me though
  12. Centurion Card - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    i've seen customers with the black business card, but no one yet with the black personal card. black business cards are easy for businesses in orange county to obtain (a lot of HQ's are down here.. st john, roxy, o'neill, hyundai, toyota, nissan, etc etc) so seeing a black business card isn't so special anymore. lol. it's still special, but it's not AS special. my managers have seen the black personal cards for a select few customers though.. and of course, those were the ones that literally bought the entire store. lol. our happiest day ever.

    good luck trying to get the black personal card for 07! i know some people that are ridiculously rich and spend and live ridiculously extravagant (and pay everything off after they charge it) and they still dont have a black personal card. and they've been living this lifestyle for years...
  13. Do you have to spend the 250k in one year? I think I read that somewhere, but I'm not sure.
  14. :yes:

  15. yes you do. that's the minimum. see the wikipedia link i posted a few posts above. :smile: