hard to find Gucci sukey? looking to buy

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  1. Is the Gucci Sukey going to be a hard item to find? It seems really popular.
    saks.com only has it in the python and its sold out. What about the GG canvas and the guccissma. Anyone see the all leather at any saks store in your area. I will call them directly to buy it. Thanks!
  2. Gucci.com has it in canvas.
  3. You are correct, they do have it at gucci.com. I am looking for guccissma which they don't have yet. I was hoping to find at saks somewhere as I am returning a tote I purchased.
  4. Try Nordstrom. I know they had the large chocolate guccissima version available.
  5. Gucci.com has the Sukey in GG canvas available for pre-order. I just did a charge/send for my GG canvas w/black trim from Neiman's. They have theirs in stock already.
  6. I also would love to see a sukey in person but i can not locate one. when will they be in the gucci store?
  7. Some stores already have them.
  8. Which Neiman's? I just called and they said they do not have it with the black trim? Did you get the Medium or Large with black trim?