Hard to Control myself...zum..zuh..zum..zuh....

Nov 14, 2006
I am waiting for Azur speedy 30... but I really want a new bag now........
I try to control myself not using the money for Azur, but it's sooooo hard. I sold few bags on eBay and I feel I need some new one immediately. After I browsing the Hilary Style, I really want a mono speedy 30 RIGHT NOW, and I know I don't need to wait to buy a mono speedy 30, but I won't have enough money to buy a Azur speedy 30 + mini pochette later. OMG, it's as hard as being on a diet...I was thinking I could buy a cheaper bag to satisfy myself for the moment, so I sort of like bulga (it's on sale now around $380, but it's not that cheap either) pudding bag. What should I do:confused1::confused1::confused1: I need some support, otherwise I might make a wrong decision. :crybaby:...purse...addiction...can't quit :crybaby:...need HELP....:crybaby:


Jun 29, 2006
Well if you want a speedy, don't buy that other bulga bag because you'll regret it! Plus the speedy is not that much more.


Aug 20, 2006
Boston area
Don't buy the Bulga because you can easily use that $$ to go towards your LV purchase! Be patient....ever hear that saying "Good things come to those who wait"?!! You will be happy you waited. :smile:

Texas Girl

Jul 21, 2006
If you must buy something now, then get a speedy. I wouldn't buy another brand. But you should really hold out for the azur. It's so pretty and you'll be so glad you did. We will help you! :yes: :yes: :yes: You will make it through!
Nov 14, 2006
Thank you for your support. I was feeling weak again because for some reason I needed to pass the Nordstrom to Michigan Ave. I was just passing it and I didn't look the bag section, ok, I should be fine, right. No, I saw 4 people carrying brand new speedy 30 before I walking out the Nordstrom. I was thinking...ok was that a hint for me to buy a mono speedy 30 for my Christmas gift? I went to LV directly to ask again about Azur and SA told me should be here on Jan and my name was on the waiting list already. I thought that I could wait for two(or three) more weeks, so I just went home without spending. Applause~~~:biguns: