Hard to break away from LV ???

  1. Do you find it's hard to break away from LV ?? I mean anytime I thought I will buy another brand I end up with another LV..How many LV bags a girl need:blink: ??

    I got a bag from other brand when it's really..really get my attention othewise LV is my fav.brand..I just can't explain...

    Do you feel the same way ???
  2. yess!!! ever since getting my speedy the only brand I want now is LV! I dislike coach now!..once you go lv..there is no turning back =(
  3. OMG I AM TOTALLY IN THE SAME BOAT YOU ARE!!! Uhhh I can't stop buying LV... when I want to buy something, I always end up there. Which I loooove the brand dont get me wrong but there are a few other things I want from else where. I want to get 2 pairs of Chanel sunglasses and I keep saying... well LV makes sunglasses, I can just get theirs lol... I guess because it is my favorite brand. Everytime I go to the mall, I try on the chanel glasses I want and I tell them I have to think about it, then I go back to tell them don't hold them for me and in my hand is an LV shopping bag lol... it's hard for me to spend my money else where. Then I feel bad if I do spend it else where lol :sad:
  4. Coach is my first bag too...I hardly carry it unless raining. I can't sell it because DH got it for me for birthday although 1 month after that he got me speedy. From there the obsession start. LV is my favorite.
    If these bags have feeling, well some of them will need therapy.
  5. I went from Coach bags to LV bags and I will stay with them until I can afford my "dream bag" which is a Hermes Kelly Bag. I love LV though, so timeless and classic.
  6. Gosh...I am glad I am not the only one...
    I thought something wrong with me..LOL
    I won't say I am loyal to LV but if Chanell have 50% off , I will check it out but I know where I will end up after that ...LV boutique
  7. I have to shop with what is available to me also. Here in MI we don't have what you would call are 5th avenue or Rodeo Drive... We have a LV that sells shoes and leather goods (but I can order anything and have it shipped there says my SA). A Gucci, I like Gucci but I do not care for the GG pattern and when I look at things there like shoes for example I think, well for $20 more I can get LV and I love LV. If I was to buy anything at Gucci, I guess it would be clothes, sunglasses and maybe shoes, but nothing with the GG pattern !! We have a Saks but the Dior is small there and nothing for men really so it's strictly sunglasses for me and the Chanel's here are the same way. I would love a Chanel Cambon credit card holder... uhhhhh thats what I really want, maybe I will gather the courage and buy one lol but I buy what I love and I love LV so I dont want to buy some where else just for variety...
  8. I've always loved LV purses and most of my purses are LV, but ever since I joined this forum, I've become more and more attracted to Chanel :P
  9. I was a die-hard Coach girl until the past year or so - they just aren't making designs I like very much any more. I wouldn't buy anything but Coach for 7-8 years, but now I can feel myself slipping into LV-land (...help, I'm falling....)

    I'm researching heavily, but still haven't bought my first LV yet. Does that make me a virgin? :graucho:

  10. Not big fan of GG, only sunglasses for Gucci..

    Hey Chanel have 40% off for all cambon line and older pieces..some credit card holder too this Monday..
  11. yep...you are still A VIRGIN ..lol
  12. I am with you!!! LV seems to dominate my bag collection.
  13. I tend to stray from LV for a while, but always end up coming back! Lately I've been contemplating selling my Balenciaga and getting the Damier Saleya PM and the Epi Speedy in mandarin (unless it smells like cat pee, then I'll go with red :amuse: ). More than likely LV will end up dominating my collection. I love pretty much every LV line, the bags and accessories are functional, classic pieces that will never go out of style :cool:
  14. Majority LV with few pieces from Coach, Burberry & Prada. But my attention is always on LV.
  15. louis vuitton. classic for me.