hard time to wear white multicolor bags

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  1. greetings! I love white multicolor but I found out that I have such a hard time wear the bag with any outfits and shoes. mono seems to match any outfits, and don't have to worry about getting dirty! Do you have the same concern?
    Thank you. :yahoo::P
  2. I don't have any problem matching it to my summer outfits but I do worry about it getting stained. I bought the Greta and it has a lot of the Vechetta and the Vechetta got stained by a black dress that I wore, the first time that I used it.
  3. I have found you have to wear solid clothes... if you're wearing patterned stuff it just looks too busy... Not hard to was Multicolor bags at all!
  4. I wear them with anything and everything. I think multicolor compliments all patterns and solids. It's an accessory after all!
  5. Stick with solid colors for your clothes, and MC should look fine.
  6. Thank you for the comments! Do you try to match the shoes?
  7. I have the same issue with the white, I definitely do not like wearing dark shoes and carrying a white bag so ultimately I carry my black MC items much more as I don't like white shoes.
  8. I wear the black mc with almost everything but my white mc speedy I don't use. I have a hard time matching stuff whith it to and I feel like it might look to young on me? I would stick with solids for sure with the white. Good luck:smile:
  9. I agree I intended on wearing my Kate clutch with Black, Hot Pink or deep Purple solid colours NO patterns!
  10. is it ok to wear black (top) and dark jeans with a white MCwill or does it looks weird
  11. It would look great! Just be carefull of colortransfer from your jeans!

    I wear my Kate with black or a pop color from the colors in the MC pattern. But yes only solid colors..
  12. It will look great with anything solid
  13. I definitely only wear mine with solid colours, but generally I don't really wear prints so it's all good !
  14. I'd say solid colors or light colors like pink, purple... Be careful of possible color transfer with jeans and especially dyes in the summer time on clothing due to heat and humidity. I've always wanted a White MC bag but was worried so I always purchased the Black MC bags.
  15. wear black head to toe and that should cause no matching problems !!