Hard-sided LV pieces owners

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  1. I have the Alzer 75. Even though I never use it... it's so big and I fly coach :nuts: so it seems pointless to carry such a piece onto the plane plus I am SO afraid since you have to check it in!

    I would DIE for a graffiti hatbox in Silver! I don't know why I still love graffiti after all these years...
  2. I love the graffiti box too, I thought you were looking for the Khaki graffiti hat box since you bidded on the last one on ebay, that sold for $7000 :nuts:
  3. I am DYING for a monogram hatbox but they are sooo expensive compared to other bags and travel pieces.. It is the only hardside piece I want.. :drool:
  4. I want all the hardsided Azur pieces, they would look perfect in my home :love:
  5. I am dying to have ANYTHING hardsided from Vuitton besides LV cardbox, hehe
  6. yes, id like a few hardboxes and even some luggage!
  7. I would love MC hardsided luggage. Or even Azur! Actually, I'd be happy with any type of LV trunk :drool:

    Closest thing I have is the coffret tresor- a small jewelry box :heart:
  8. I have one piece, the medium beauty case. It's very heavy, & I only take it for short trips by car. I saw the Azur Boite flacons & loved that piece. It's smaller & lighter than my mono one. Do I need both?? Also, does anyone know how you purchase the Azur hard luggage? It's not on the LV website & I didn't know if you had to special order any of the pieces.
  9. I have two hardside cases a Mono Boite Bouteilles and a Damier Boite Flacon. They don't leave my house.:shame: I would LOVE to own this hardcase one day:

  10. To check a LV piece on commercial flights is LV suicide. Its the first piece the low lifes behind the scenes will attack if given the chance! It screams MONEY, much better choice than a duffle bag to have goodies inside. If you fly private its another story. Ive heard many seasoned travelers use Globe Trotter luggage, its not flashy and rugged.
  11. agree :yes::yes::yes:
  12. Hmmm... I think you would just go to a boutique and tell them you would like to purchase one? I also think that with any Alzer you would have to SO it? :shrugs:

    Speaking of Alzers... I was looking through my LV album and found a pic of this lady making/touching up an Alzer:

  13. That is beautiful John. I'll take one.
  14. LOL. I can't believe you knew I bidded on one. It was a Best-Offer too. I offered $2000 hoping the seller was crazy. :yahoo:

  15. omgosh John! the pic is so lovely!!