hard on hermes bags: lost screws, broken clasps you name it

  1. Dear All,
    I thought it would be helpful to hermes users to share our horror storries of what happens to an hermes bag when they are not properly loved. I have heard horror storries myself about people who have overloaded their kelly bags to the point that they have broken the closure toggle in half. I called claude to ask if this was true. He said yes, it happens, he has replaced hardware for people who have dropped their bags - even run over them with cars. I have often wondered when people send in their bags to claude for fixing - exactly what has happened? Can anyone share any horror storries???
  2. run over by a car????:wtf:

    while reading your post, i just couldn't stop myself from imagining each scenario of what happened to those hermes bags....quite funny, but also shocking at the same time:rolleyes:
  3. I remember reading here about a lady who took her Kelly on safari, and it was trodden on by an elephant.:wtf: By all accounts they were able to restore it!
  4. safari - my very dear friend works for the United Nations - she took her birkin to Kabul - yes Kabul. I cant say i would ever take any hermes bag to afghanistan!
  5. yes, it is shocking maria. the SA at the vienna store near washington dc said people come inall the time with (at the very least) bent closure toggles. She said to make sure to not overload the bag and always close it with both straps, this way the toggle will not pull to one side for those who only hook one clasp - amazing
  6. Oh my gosh that's soo sad! All those beauties being injured that way:wtf::tumbleweed: oh look there goes my Hermes caught in a Twister!
  7. Ok, the Kelly trodden on by an elephant is just beyond loco. I like being fashionable and all but I just can't see the reason for a kelly on safari.:s
  8. Off Topic: LOL :tumbleweed:...sorry, i just couldn't prevent myself from laughing when i saw this smiley. only today i realized that we have this particular smiley available.

    i'm all for using a h-bag as an everyday bag, but i don't think i'll take mine to "extreme" outings... i think i'll cry if an elephant stomps on any of my bags (not only H-bags).

  9. ok, how about normal wear and tear, what i want to know is what exactly breaks before people send their bag to claude... the lock, the stitching, the screws come loose - i just wonder what kind of work is the norm?
  10. i just sent my vintage kelly to H for re-stiching. one of the stitches near the handle snapped.
  11. My vintage 1950s rouge H box Kelly was - I'm told - once peed upon by one of the Queen Mother's corgis at a garden party!

    It has been refurbished since (I'm sure more than once), and I certainly cannot confirm the story.
  12. has anyone had any hardware problems? Did anyone break their lock, or closure or any one lose a screw. any major problems like someone's handle falling off?
  13. not any major problems (only small things like stitching loose bend turnkey etc) but the worst i have ever seen was a complete gutted croc bolide (it was spilled with hot wax) not repairable
  14. KK, you will be hard pressed to hear those stories. That's part of the Hermes appeal, that there are no 'screws' (on which bag would there be screws please?) to lose or handles to fall off. It just doesn't happen.
    The only things that happen are if people don't use their bags appropriately.

    The worst 'accident' that I read on here was when a member for some reason had an accident that involved a donut and her bag, leaving a donut-shaped fat ring on her bag. The bag was fully restored.
    Another member had her dog pee on her bag. I think that ended well as well (I could understand the dog, seeing how he was dressed up).
  15. H uses a special technique called "pearling". The technique attaches hardware to the bag forever, or until it is replaced by H.