Hard day - I needed a little Whiskey (3 reveals!)


Mar 17, 2006
By reading the threads the past few days I can see that the popular finish is for smooth as a babies butt leather - don't get me wrong, I have a few of those and adore them. But it's wrinkled distressed leather that gets my heart racing these days. I realized the bags I use the most are the neutral tones, blacks, 05 chocolate, 04 marron and 02 olive. I still love my pistachio and rouge vif bags - but there was one bag... one color I never managed to find.

I thought it was the perfect "year round" color for me. I could see it with blacks and olive clothing in winter - and with starched whites and crisp pale colors of summer.

But I could never never find one! Until last month that is.... and in new unused condition at that!!!!

There she was a 2007 bag with ultra wrinkled leather in the whiskey cognac color of my dreams AND in *NEW* condition. What can I say... I had to.

My next two reveals. I love my money wallets - but really wanted a larger compagnon for travel, when I saw the berry color I knew it was meant to be! (the flash makes it look brighter than it is!).

Last was the adorable smartphone case. I loved the green color - I saw it and was sold!

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Sep 23, 2010
Loving the distressed leather too! When I first got hold of my Bal city, I was kinda miffed that it wasn't "smooth leather", but the more I look at it, the more I'm loving the distressed leather :smile: The smart phone case looks adorable!


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Oct 26, 2010
houston, tx
wow!!!! GORGEOUS purchases!!! especially love the bag - the wrinkles are amazing and it looks so soft and perfect! :biggrin:


Oct 9, 2006
Love it! I actually have a Sienna City, too, and the leather is definitely special. I am one who likes smooth leather, too, but there is somethin' about 2007:heart: Congrats!

mere girl

Aug 12, 2008
United Kingdom
OMG - I think this has to be my favourite reveal for a long time! I just love this bag - I love my wrinkled castagna but this really is something special - such a gorgeous colour! Huge congratulations! WOW!


Mar 17, 2006
zeeee - thank you, I think you'll love how your distressed city breaks in. In my experience distressed bags become very smooshy over time. :heart:

Thank you txrosegirl - I love her too, it's like my whiskey shar pai bag.

cbarrus - ITA, I'm quickly becoming a 2007 convert!

delmilano - why thank you! :heart: It makes me dizzy too! I used the last of my camera battery to get these up - maybe after my camera charges I can add modeling shots later this week. I just adore this color, I think it will go with the color palette of my wardrobe well.

Thanks so much mere girl, I thought she was special too. :heart: I don't know why a fuss wasn't made over this color/leather combo - but it really spoke to me. It seemed to be passed by, maybe a bit of a sleeper hit? I also haven't seen that many of them in the city style - so maybe not a huge amount produced? My new favorite bag for sure!
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Feb 13, 2006
Do you by chance have anything in 07 vert deau that you could do a comparison with your phone case in 10 vert deau?

I love your new sienna city. Sienna is my HG color!


Oct 5, 2008
Three beautiful finds! Congrats on all of them. Your City (07 Sienna?) is absolutely gorgeous. The distressing is perfect and so is the color. And in NEW CONDITION - I die! Your Compagnon and phone case is also stunning. The seafoam color is so pretty!
Sep 18, 2010
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I am floored, beauxgoris, she is utterly beautiful! That distressing makes my heart sing and the color is perfect for year round, but really right now, Autumn is a perfect time to receive her, don't you think??? You will always remember now, with every Autumn, that this is when she came to be with you. :heart:

I adore your compagnon and smartphone case too! Enjoy!


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Mar 19, 2007
Beaux she is a total gem. I can speak to the quality and smooshiness of the Sienna/Tabac leather as I used to own a couple bags in Sienna. Never a City though, which would have been a dream. Look at all that leather you have going on there! I'm with you - the chewier and more distressed, the better.